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Investigating the polar regions from the inside out

POLENET is a global network dedicated to observing the polar regions in a changing world.

The project focuses on collecting GPS and seismic data from autonomous systems deployed at remote sites spanning much of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. GPS and seismic measurements together provide a means to answer critical questions about ice sheet behavior in a warming world.

NEW: 2017-2018 Field Season Video

Check out video footage shot by Penn State University graduate student Austin White-Gaynor from the 2017-2018 field season

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Congratulations Dr. Terry Wilson on receiving the 2018 SCAR Medal for International Coordination

This week at the 2018 SCAR Open Science Conference in Davos, Switzerland, Dr. Terry Wilson, lead Principle Investigator for POLENET, was awarded the 2018 SCAR Medal for International Coordination. Dr. Wilson has shown exceptional leadership in the international Antarctic community through her role as SCAR Vice-President, US delegate, Chief Officer of the Horizon Scan activity, and through activities such as organizing training schools designed for early career international scientists. Congratulations Dr. Wilson!

Official SCAR announcement