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Investigating the polar regions from the inside out


Greetings from Byrd Camp!

Current location: Byrd Surface Camp, West Antarctica (80º South) Current weather: Winds at 16 knots. -25º C The wind that greeted us at Byrd Surface Camp on Monday afternoon was a true Antarctic welcome to our deep field camp! Ferocious and unrelenting, we stashed our gear in the tents and enjoyed a warm meal prepared …
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Frosty Boy, We Send Best Wishes

Current location: McMurdo Station, Antarctica Current temperature: -9º C  Windchill: -14º C   While this blog is in place principally to provide the ins and outs of POLENET field operations, I would like to diverge for a moment and tell the story of one very eventful lunch session in the McMurdo Station galley.   But …
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Greetings from McMurdo!

Working in Antarctica requires a set of finely tuned tools: patience, endurance, and optimism. At the mercy of the weather, your plans change with the wind, requiring many layers of alternate strategies. Meetings often revolve around phrases like “what if” and “plan B and C.” All plans must start somewhere, though, and for us, the …
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