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Investigating the polar regions from the inside out

Homework Exercise #2: Installation of SU (Seismic Unix)

Follow the below instructions to complete the installation process.

For questions or issues with installation, please contact instructor Sridhar Anandakrishnan (sxa17@psu.edu)



SU (Seismic Unix)

This works on mac and linux. On windows, I suggest users install Virtualbox
and a linux distro (I know, a big step, but I think doing geophys on a windows
machine is hard).


Apple Mac
XCode - for the C compiler (from the App Store) XQuartz - the X11 window
manager (download from www.xquartz.org)

GCC - the c compiler - usually included in most Linux distributions.

Download, make, and install

mkdir -p ~/cwp/44R5
cd ~/cwp/44R5
curl -O ftp://ftp.cwp.mines.edu/pub/cwpcodes/cwp_su_all_44R5.tgz
tar -zxvf cwp_su_all_44R5.tgz
export CWPROOT=~/cwp/44R5

Next, make and install the binaries. There are install instructions in the file

Here is the short version:

Copy the correct makefile from the configs directory:
cd ~/cwp/44R5/src
cp configs/Makefile.config_MacOSX_Sierra ./Makefile.config
make install
make xtinstall

There are Makefile.config versions for Linux as well.

Set the path and test

export PATH=~/cwp/44R5/bin:$PATH
which suxwigb # make sure the binaries are available
susynlv | suxwigb # test by creating a synthetic seismogram and display

Intro to SU

Download the directory: (username: anonymous, password: anything)