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Investigating the polar regions from the inside out

Mount Carbone

Station ID: MCAR

Coordinate: S 76.3222, W 144.304

Installed: 2009-2010 season

Former Projects: JPL: Marie Byrd Land

Former Names: MBL2

Transportation: Twin Otter/Basler

Closest operations HUB: 819km to WAIS

A mountain 3 mi E of Mount Paige in the Phillips Mountains, Marie Byrd Land. Discovered and mapped from air photos by the ByrdAE (1928-30). Named by US-ACAN for Al Carbone, cook with the ByrdAE (1933-35) (https://data.aad.gov.au/aadc/gaz/scar/display_name.cfm?gaz_id=123298).