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Investigating the polar regions from the inside out

What if we use dog sled? by Eric Kendrick

Rip's comment about Malamutes got me thinking about how many dogs we would need and how long it would take to haul our ourselves, our equipment, and our fuel from McMurdo to Union Camp by dog sled (By the way, we have used dog sleds to reach a GPS station in Greenland). We have 22,000 pounds of equipment, 36 drums of JP8 (jet fuel) at 450 pounds per drum, and 7 people at about 250 pounds per person including survival gear. That's a total of 38,950 pounds. The distance is about 1300 miles. If a dog can cover 20 miles per day in Antarctic conditions and each dog can pull 150 pounds, then we need 260 dogs and 65 days ! That's a conservative estimate since none of us has much experience driving dog sleds !


(Photo credit: http://www.southpolestation.com/trivia/igy1/61tcw.html)

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